Vic Gallucci

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Johnny Vaughan - 'Does it take alot of practice to perfect the art of filing, making phone calls or walking in and out of shot?'
Vic - 'Oh absolutely, yeah, of course it does. Ya know, I mean ya don't jus walk into a job and do it just like that. Ya know, I've been to pulp school, where I shuffled bits of paper.'

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Johnny Vaughan - 'We've had quite alot of The Bill stars down here, but I gotta tell you, you're a better interview.'
Vic - 'You're very wise.'
Johnny Vaughan - 'You look alot more like a policeman aswell.'

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Johnny Vaughan - 'Do you ever get recognised on the streets?'
Vic - 'Ohh, all the time, John, I can't go out during the day now, I have to go out at night, and then I gotta put a wig and a beard on. But ya know..'
Johnny Vaughan - 'But really have you been recognised?'
Vic - 'I have, yeah, I really have been recognised, yeah.'
Johnny Vaughan - 'Really?'
Vic - 'Well, almost really.'
Johnny Vaughan - 'Ya haven't have you?'
Vic - 'No.'

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Boulton - 'He's decided to stay in and wash his hair.'
Vic - 'Huh.'

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Johnny Vaughan - 'Can you just give us the laugh again that we heard? The laugh..'
Vic - 'Er, how did I go, oh it was routine 22, huh, that was it.'

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Background: The Bill Theme...
Johnny Vaughan - 'Yeah I'm getting some real grief with the Porter case, CPS want's CID to clear it up asap. Pull us out the file, will you Tom.'
Vic - 'Guv.'

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Johnny Vaughan - 'I was thinking about logging onto this website you were talking about.'
Vic - 'Absolutely, and don't forget to watch The Bill every week.'
Johnny Vaughan - 'What are you, a copper?'

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Vic - 'Yeah, yeah, that's it we've got her, yep ok.'

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Deakin - 'Any sign of the car?'
Vic - 'Blue Transit, guv. Found abandoned.'

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Don - 'Alright Tom.'
Vic - 'Hallo Don.'

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Toyah Wilcox - 'Vic Gallucci is an extra with a difference. He's got a charactor role as DC Tom Baker on The Bill. And he's not only a TV Extra.'

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Vic - 'Although I'm a regular on The Bill, I've done, actually worked on alot of Feature Films. Aah, the first one that comes to mind is the original Alien. That was a great picture to work on, we were on that for about 9 months. From then on I went on another picture called, em, Legend, which, I actually stood in for Tom Cruise on that, I was a few stone lighter then.'

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Toyah Wilcox - 'When it comes to extra work, Vic Gallucci is in a league of his own. After over 1000 episodes of The Bill, he's made it into the Guiness Book of Records.'

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Vic - 'First job is you report to your assistant, just to make sure that he knows or she knows that you're here. Second job is wardrobe. Make up. Come in here looking like Vic Gallucci, and go out looking like Robert De Niro.'

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Toyah Wilcox - 'Back on The Bill, there's no time to eat, Vic's rehersing his door technique.'
Vic - 'This is what I specialize in, is opening doors. If you can imagine a crew of 20 to 30 people behind. There are certain techniques I use, I use the finger technique where I walk through a door like this....See, you never see me open that door, did you?'

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Vic - 'Well, welcome to the CID Office.'
Toyah Wilcox - 'When Vic's not rushing through doors, he's getting up close and personal.....with the filing cabinet.'
Vic - 'When I pull out a file out of a filing cabinet, I make sure that it has a white backing, so as I pull it out, hopefully it will clip some kind of a light, just to give me a little edge. I don't let the lighting cameraman know about that.'

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Toyah Wilcox - 'Vic's psyching himself up, he's got a line to say with PC Tony Stamp.'
Crewman - 'Here we go, stand by, and Action!'
DC Tom Baker (Vic) - 'Course he told me, he's got the whole weight of London behind him!'
Tony - 'See ya later.'
Vic - 'I think you have to enjoy what you are doing, and I do enjoy it, it's a great show.'

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Vic - 'It's now extended to the website, which is The Bill website and there's also a pirate website, and there's lots and lots of people, and I'm amazed that they're even bothering about me! They look in and know what tie I'm wearing, I've had several proposals of marriage.'

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Duncan - 'What's up Vic?'

(Notice that Duncan calls him 'Vic' and not his character name of 'Tom')
Vic - 'I think it's on the blink again.'

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Meadows - 'Where is everybody?'
Vic - 'Sorry, Guv.'

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Vic - 'Here, Sarge..'
John Boulton - 'What?'

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Danny - 'Mullen?'
Vic - 'Must be.'

Download Must be.

Crim - 'Alright? Can I get you a book or something?'
Vic - 'I'm fine just watching you, thanks.'

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