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Download Samantha Robson on Ready Steady Cook

Ainsley Harriot - 'There's a bit of tension going on here, isn't there?'
Sam - 'Husband stealing Polly, husband stealing Polly. Polly is a tart, Polly is a tart.'

Download Skill

Girl - 'What happened to him?'
Vicky - 'The most important skill you need if you want to join the Met, is knowing when to shutup.'

Download Typical of people in the Met.

Girl - 'You and Sargeant Boyden, are you pretty typical of people in the Met?'
Vicky - 'Yeah, probably.'
Girl - 'I'm not so sure I want to join now. I need to work in an enviroment where people are proffessional. I had no idea that Police Officers like yourself would be seen squabbling in Public.'
Vicky - 'You know something? I think you're making the right decision.'

Download It's not bitching...

Vicky - 'That's bull.'
Matt - 'Excuse me, any chance of doing any work? Or are you going to sit there bitching all night?'
Vicky - 'This is righteous indignation, it's hardly bitching.'

Download Big Breakfast Clip 1

Possible Spoilers.

Download Big Breakfast Clip 2

Possible Spoilers

Download Suck & Blow, taken from 31.8.01 when Samantha was co-presenting the Big Breakfast

Samantha - Well, I think that's all we've got time for. Now, we are actually going to join Richard over by the pool, to see how Maggie is getting on with her suck and blow test. Richard!!'
Richard Bacon - 'Thanks very much!'
Samantha - 'Are you sucking and blowing?
Richard Bacon - 'Oh dear me, it had been going soo well until then Samantha!'

Download The Friday Song, taken from 31.8.01 when Samantha was co-presenting the Big Breakfast

Large File, 1,205kb.

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