Tony Speaks...

Download Graham Cole talking about Vic Gallucci, DC Tom Baker (489kb).

Graham - 'There's not alot you can say about Vic Gallucci actually, without mentioning The Godfather, because to us he is the ultimate, the number one man. The great thing about Vic is that you know you gotta know your lines, and make it interesting, because this man is gonna be doing something behind you. He's in at 7 or something like that and here till 7 at night, and might only be in 3 or 4 scenes through that day, and the sadness is, they keep the poor soul here until the very bitter end. How come he's always going through doors? He's always doing something behind you, that you rather he's not doing, cos you know the audience are going 'Where's he going?' or 'Where's he come from?' Vic Gallucci, yeah, he's actually is one of the probably great fondlers. Vic is the master at the old filing cabinet, the rustling of papers, like I said earlier, you see, you gotta watch this man, cos he's doing it behind you, making you look busy.'
Download Good Woman.

Tony - 'I'm looking for a good woman.'
Download Hi, my name is Tony.

Tony - 'Hi, my name is Tony, and I'm a Police Officer, which means I've definately got a good sense of humour. Cos believe me, in my job you need one.'

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