Smiffy Speaks...

Download Slow down girl

Woman - 'Do you want kids?'
Smiffy - 'Slow down Girl'

Download Did you do anything interesting last night?

McCann - 'You do anything interesting after work yesterday?'
Smiffy - 'And what's that supposed to mean?'
McCann - 'Simple question.'
Smiffy - 'Yeah, I was bouncing up and down on top of a hot blonde, simple answer. Why? Did you wanna bit?'

Download I'm a growing lad

Smiffy - 'Can we find a shop sellin crisps or sommit?'
Vicky - 'What for, we've only just started?'
Smiffy - 'I didn't get any lunch, I'm a growin lad.'

Download Smiffy making an arrest

Smiffy - 'And I said ya under arrest, so shut it.'

Download You've changed your tune

Smiffy - 'What?'
Klein - 'Nuffin.'
Smiffy - 'Good.'
Klein - 'That's what it comes down to in the end Smiffy, us and them.'
Smiffy - 'You've changed ya tune.'
Klein - 'So have you.'
Smiffy - 'How would you know, you wouldn't even know what my tune is.'

Download Vicky and Smiffy

Vicky - 'Idiot. What is his problem?'
Smiffy - 'Well we are now.'

Download Classy Suit

Kerry - 'That is a classy suit, Smiffy.'
Smiffy - 'Why? What were you expecting? Corr blimey trousers and a dustmans Hat?'

Trojan 3

So 19 Officer - 'These are my officers, Pc's Julie Stanly and Dale Smith. This is Superintendant Chanlder, the incident commander.'
Smiffy - 'Sir, didn't expect to see you here.'

Trojan 3

Smiffy - 'Trojan 3 to Trojan 1, target 100%.'


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