Rod Speaks...

Download Ping Pong

Rod - 'Wishy Washy, I'm gonna call my cow Ping Pong. Widow Twanky, Why's that? Wishy Washy, Because she's got a bell round her neck that goes ping, and if you walk behind her, there's a terrible pong.'

Download Pekings Favorite Old Scrubber

Tosh - ' Why do they want you to do their dirty work?'
Rod - 'They saw my advertisment in the local newspaper - Get your washing done by Pekings Favourite Old Scrubber!'

Download Dc Skase

Rod - 'Listen to me, my name is Dc Skase.'
Policeman - 'You're a WDc, now stand still.'

Download Distraction

Deakin - 'How did you get on at the school?'
Rod - 'Ahh, you better get someone else to do it next time, sir. In a room full of schoolgirls, ya know, I just too much of a distraction.'
Boulton - 'In your dreams, mate!'

Download Voulez Vous...
If my french is a little under par, do excuse me!

Rod - 'Voulez vous prondre une veroux?'
Deakin - 'Would I like to go for un veroux? Would I like to go for a drink, Rod? Un verre?'
Rod - 'Oui, oui, that's what I said, yeah.'
Deakin - 'No, what you said was, would I like to go for un veroux. Un veroux is a wart, Rod.'

Download I'm English
If my french is a little under par, do excuse me!

Rod - 'Merci. Yep.'
Deakin - 'Esque ce Mr Rod Skase?'
Rod - 'Um, nah I, I don't understand, I'm English.'
Deakin - 'Rod, it's me.'

Download The Master

Rod - 'Surely we're off duty now sir?'
Jack - 'Well, I suppose so.'
Rod - 'In that case, you wouldn't mind if I erm, you know?'
Jack - 'Er, no disrespect Rod, but er, I think you've got more chance of teaching a jellyfish to tap dance.'
Rod - 'You should never underestimate The Master, sir.'

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