Phil Sound Files

Download I'm on to you.

Phil - 'You look really nice. You take a good photo, you, don't ya?'
Lady - 'I'm onto you. You're no decorator.'
Phil - 'Oh yeah?'
Lady - 'Yeah, you're a womaniser!'
Phil - 'Nah, not me!'

Download What do you want?

Crim - 'What you want?'
Phil - 'I want you to kiss my white arse!'

Download Fireman

Phil - 'Cindy had her car trashed last night, she reckons it was a fireman, right he thought the car was mine.'
Mickey - 'You ain't been knocking off a firemans bird, have ya?'
Phil - 'No! None that I know of. And definately not recently! Look, I'm a changed man now, alright?'
Julliette - 'Tell that to the fireman!'

Download RISE Interview Pt 1

Part 1 - Interview on RISE.

Download RISE Interview Pt 2

Part 2 - Interview on RISE.

Download RISE Interview Pt 3

Part 3 - Interview on RISE.

Download RISE Interview Pt 4

Part 4 - Interview on RISE. SPOILERS!!!

Download RISE Phone Call 1

Phone Call 1 on RISE.

Download RISE Phone Call 2

Phone Call 2 on RISE.

Download Zippady Doo Dah Kinda Day

Phil - 'If I was feeling generous, I'd probably let this slip as personal use, only I'm not having a zippady doo dah kinda day.'

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