Samantha Sound Files

Download This is our new DS.

Jack - 'This our new DS, Samantha Nixon.'
Samantha - 'Hi.'
Danny - 'Hi, pleased to meet you.'
Samantha - 'You too.'

Download Career Woman

Samantha - 'Their idea of a Career Woman is someone who that has no absolutely no life whatsoever outside the job. No disrespect, but I don't wanna be Gina Gold.'

Download Yes Sir.

Samantha - 'Yes Sir, No Sir. Three bags full, Sir.'

Download How old are you?

Samantha - 'Hello! How old are you?'
Girl - 'Free!'
Phil - 'She's three!'
Smanatha - 'Same mental age as you Phil.'

Download Tea & Sympathy

Samantha - 'You've made my mind up for me. I want you to act as Family Liason Officer to the Weavers.'
Phil - 'You wha'?'
Samantha - 'You heard.'
Phil - 'Guv! I'm hardly tea and sympathy material, am I?'
Rob - 'He's not wrong there, Guv.'
Phil - 'See? Can't you get Eva to do it?'
Samantha - 'Look, I know you've got he listening skills and empathy of a breeze block, Phil.'

Download Sprats on Toast.

Samantha - 'Oh no, he doesn't worry me! I've had bigger sprats on toast!'

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