Nick Speaks...

Download Go Boldly

Nick - 'Go Boldly.'
Download Is that you Nicky?

Nick's Mum - 'Is that you Nicky?'
Nick - 'Burglars normally don't have door keys, Mother.'
Nick's Mum - 'What do they say? Sarcasum is the lowest form of wit?'
Nick - 'Yeap. And I've had a day of it.'

Download It's the Law.

Vicky - 'What gives Reg Hollis the right to organise it?'
Nick - 'It's the law. The governance of parties and stale sausage rolls, acts of 1876. "All Sunhill parties shall be authorised, overseen and otherwise controlled by one Reginald Percival Hollis."'

Download PMT.

Nick - 'Alright? I'd er, mention PMT, but I daren't.'

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