Mickey Speaks...

Download Bill, Ben.

Mickey - 'Right, Bill.'
Ben - 'Ben.'
Mickey -'Yeah, whatever.'

Download Jane & Chris singing (698kb)

Download Laid back.

Roz - 'Well, that's why I am here, to learn.'
Mickey - 'What from Danny Glaze? If he was any more laid back, he would be walking backwards.'

Download Nick 'em.

Alex - 'Oh and Mickey, if anyone offers you a diamond encrusted pendant in the boozer tonight, nick them will ya?'
Mickey - 'It depends if she's cute or not.'

Download Sir.

Mickey - 'I wasn't able to do an inventory, I was busy trying not to get my face smashed in.'
Craig - 'Mickey! That's a Senior Officer you are speaking too!'
Mickey - 'I was busy trying not to get my face smashed in, SIR!'
Craig - 'MICKEY!'

Download Understanding.

Chandler - 'Ok, well, I think I can understand that, you can't be the boss and one of the lads.'
Mickey - 'No, no, no, I don't think you do understand, it's not cos you're the boss, it's cos, eh, well, they think you're a bit of a pratt.'
Chandler - 'Oh I see, is that the best you can do? Not let me join your little club? Oh, I'm gutted, Mickey.'

Download Come back Coffee.

Mickey - 'I like you alot. Maybe I could come back to yours?'
Girl - 'What for?'
Mickey - 'Help me out will ya! Coffee?' Girl - 'Coffee? I hope you're coming back for more than that!'

Download DC Webb.


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