June Speaks...

Download Nipper Cryer

June - 'Nipper Cryer? Does Sargeant Cryer have any idea about this?'
Cass - 'Well no Sarge, he might not see the funny side.'

Download Oh Sir.

Matt - 'A bit of a medical emergancy, Sir.'
Brownlow - 'Medical emergancy?'
June - 'MATT! Will you get your arr, oh, ah Sir.'
Brownlow - 'Oh, June, what the hell is going on?'

Download Drop your trousers..

June - 'Drop your trousers.'
Man - 'You what?'

Download Contredict me.

Matt - 'So how was the hen night?'
June - 'Dunno wasn't invited, I expect they thought I was too old and sad.'
Matt - 'Right.'
June - 'You're supposed to contredict me!'

Download Slumming it.


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