Jim Speaks...

Download Hunky Dory.

Alex - 'Sommit wrong Jim?'
Jim - 'Oh no sir, everythings just Hunkydory.'
Debbie - 'That's the way we like it, Jim.'

Download Greenbelt.

Jim - 'Cass! See anything?'
Cass - 'Only 2 tonnes of rubbish and a load of dog muck.'
Jim - 'Well, be fair, this is Sunhill's greenbelt.'

Download Mark Wingett and Steven Hartley doing impersonations on the 'Big Breakfast', aired 18.10.01.

Download Community Spirit.

June - 'Cathy Bradford seems quite keen.'
Jim - 'Bradford! She's got as much community spirit as Adolf Hitler!'

Download First Day At Sunhill.

Jim's first day at Sunhill. Sound Clip of him being introduced to the rest of the shift.

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