Jack Speaks...

Download Techno Jack

Jack - 'And then we'll go off and buy shares in MaybePigsWillFly dot Com.'

Download Receipts

Jack - 'Oh, receipts on my desk.'
Jim - 'That's Yorkshire for Well done.'

Download Sutra inpendant.

Jack - 'I wanna get back to being Sutra inpendant again.'

Download Off duty.

Rod - 'Surely we're off duty now sir?'
Jack - 'Well, I suppose so.'
Rod - 'In that case, you wouldn't mind if I erm, you know?'
Jack - 'Er, no disrespect Rod, but er, I think you've got more chance of teaching a jellyfish to tap dance.'

Download Simon Rouse being surprised by This is your Life.

Download Pete Tong.

Jack - 'She was right, and you were PETE TONG!'
Jack - 'What are you laughing at? You're no angel!'

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