Gina Speaks...

Download New Inspector.

Matt - 'Yeah, well, don't push it, I'm still acting Inspector, don't forget.'
Craig - 'Do you want to tell him, or shall I?'
June - 'Oh, you've earnt the right, I think.'
Matt - 'What?'
Craig - 'Your little reign of terror is about come to an end. They've appointed a new inspector to take over.'
Matt - 'Have they? Who?'
Craig - 'Some woman named Gold.'
Matt - 'Gina Gold?'
June - 'The very same.'
Matt - 'Heaven help us all.'

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Chandler - 'Inspecter Gold. Nice to have you on board.'
Gina - 'I hope you'll call me Gina.'
Chandler - 'Making yourself comfortable I see.'
Gina - 'Just a few home comforts, sir.'

Download Can I help you?

June - 'Yep, can I help you?'
Gina - 'Can I help you, Inspector.'
June - 'Inspector Gold, I beg your pardon.'
Gina - 'We meet at last!'
June - 'Sorry?'
Gina - 'The legendary June Ackland, and the equally legendary Gina Gold.'
June - 'Yeah, well, your reputation does go before you.'
Gina - 'As does yours.'
June - 'I find that hard to believe.'
Gina - 'Oh yes. I've heard all about you. June Ackland, Sergeant Ackland, Good Old June, Auntie June, Saint June even.'
June - 'I'm sorry, you can't smoke in here.'
Gina - 'Well, who's going to stop me, Auntie June?'

Download Can we start again?

June - 'Marm?'
Gina - 'Hmmm?'
June - 'I wonder if we could start again.'
Gina - 'Why?'
June - 'Because I feel we got off on the wrong foot.'
Gina - 'Oh no we haven't, we've got off on exactly the right foot.'
June - 'It doesn't feel like that to me.'
Gina - 'No, it wouldn't. You June, have been perfectly civil, pleasant-ness itself, and I've been an awkward cow.'
June - 'Well, I wouldn't say that...'
Gina - 'I know you wouldn't, you're far too nice. Where as me, I'm not nice, not nice at all, and the sooner everyone round here knows that the better, save a whole lot of messing about.'
June - 'You can't be all bad!'
Gina - 'I'm glad you think that, it'll be a whole lot of fun proving you wrong.'

Download Trick

Gina - 'I always have one trick up my sleeve at times like this.'
Eva - 'Oh Yeah?'
Gina - 'Ever seen a grown woman beg?'

Download Integrity

Gina - 'Now if you ever dare to question my integrity again, I'll have your nuts in a jar.'

Download Special Prize

Crim - 'Well, well, well. If it isn't Charlies Angels.'
Gina - 'Well done sir. You've won our special prize, a ride in a Police Car, how about that?'

Download Gabriel Kent

Smiffy - 'But our clubs just a bit of a laugh, that's all.'
Gina - 'Not if Gabriel Kent's behind it all.'
Smiffy - 'What's your problem with Gabriel?'
Gina - 'Cos he's bad news. And you'll find that out in your own sweet time.'

Download By the way...

Gina - 'Oh, and by the way Gary, I've had to deal with enough knobs today, I'm sure it's very impressive, but keep it in your trousers, eh?'

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