Don Speaks...

Download Just be yourself.

John - 'So am I? Am I just some little scrote who owes you one?'
Don - 'Yeah, a Scouser, bit handy, touch of the Phsycho. Just be yourself.'

Download I should coco.

Don - 'Naughty boys get bottom marks. I should coco.'

Download The 'merde' has hit the fan.

Kerry - 'Sarge?'
Don - 'The 'merde' has hit the fan.'
Duncan - 'How do you mean?'
Don - 'Rod and the DCI have been nicked in France, accused of spying and banged up in a French nick for the night.'
Duncan - 'Nooo?'
Don - 'Oui!'
Duncan - 'That's brilliant!'

Download I am a police officer.

Don - 'I am a Police Officer, I can do whatever I like. And do you know something? I can still get away with it.'

Download Pretty Obvious.

Matt - 'What you getting at?'
Don - 'I would have thought that was pretty obvious Matthew, even for a bear of very little brain.'

Download Don talking on GMTV, aired 17.8.01.


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