Chris Deakin Speaks...

Download Deakin talking of Boulton

Deakin - 'I know what will happen, he will be there on the job and right at the vital moment he's gonna jump off and he'll go, "Sorry, I've gotta nick someone" (background laughter)'

Download Deakin talking of Children and Small Dogs

Deakin - 'Erm, children, small dogs, not really my scene'
Download Half Sister.

Deakin - 'Kerry, no doubt you have a half sister, living just outside of Bourdoux, with a large vinyard, who is passionate about English Detective Inspectors?'
Kerry - 'No, Guv.'

Download Fancy a Coffee?

Duncan - 'Really bad luck for the DCI to be over there, just as our prime suspect turns up here.'
Deakin - 'Hmmmm.'
Duncan - 'I bet ye Archers getting on the ferry that Meadows has just got off. If we ring him now he probably have enough time.'
Deakin - 'Fancy a coffee?'

Download It's at moments like these...

Deakin - 'You see, it's at moments like this Duncan, that you sit back and you say "Yes there is a God"'

Download What I want to know.

Deakin - 'I know what I want to know, and what I want to know is am I gonna get a result.'
Rod - 'Course you're gonna get a result, I stake my career on it.'
Deakin - 'You might just have to.'

Download Internet.

Man - 'The Internet.'
Deakin - 'I'm sorry you'll have to help me with that, because I'm computer illiterate. I can't even use the microwave.'

Download Invitation.

Vicky - 'Here Sir, when are you gonna start taking your clothes off then?'
Deakin - 'Invitation's in the post Vicky.'

Download Dance Floor.

Duncan - 'Where you gonna be Guv?'
Deakin - 'I'll be on the Dance floor with Sargeant Stanton.'

Download Overtime.

Deakin - 'Hope you're not booking overtime for that.'
Claire - 'No Guv, I'm doing it for the Queen.'
Deakin - 'Good girl, she'll appreciate that, I'll tell her.'

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