Dave Speaks...

Download Bugsy

Taken from the 1976 film 'Bugsy', where Andrew Paul played 'O'Dreary' a police inspector.

Download Do we have a choice?

June - 'Right, would one of you like to tell me what's going on?'
Dave - 'Do we have a choice?'

Download Intelligence.

June - 'Yes, Rod Skase has got some intelligence.'
Dave - 'You sure about that Sarge?'

Download Dave's little ditty.

Dave - 'Ladies and Gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen please, thankyou. I've been asked to a little rendition of a seasonal ditty, for our good friend Eddie Santini, er, Eddie, where is he?'
Man - 'he's 'ere.
Dave - 'Right, ok, maestro, Good King Wenslaslas got smashed, on the Feast of Stephen, Eddie said you failed to stop, into this tube you're breathing. The lights they went from green to red, because of too much brandy, he's bound to loose his licence now, he should have stuck to shandy.'

Download Fifty's Night.

Nick - 'It's a Fifty's Night, Desmond.'
Dave - 'It might mean he has a chance of pulling then!'
Des - 'Very Funny!'
Dave - 'This mans idea of foreplay is 16 pints of lager and a curry!'

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