Cass Speaks...

Download Three Stripes on his pyjamas

Nick - 'He's not a person, he's a Sergeant.'
Cass - 'Bet you he's got three stipes on his pyjamas'

Download Scouser.

Des - 'You must be Cass.'
Cass - 'Yeah, how do you know?'
Des - 'Reg said there was another gobby scouse.'
Reg - 'Well, er, I didn't say it quite like that.'
Cass - 'You better not have.'
Des - 'What was that word you used, Reg?'
Reg - 'Gregarious.'
Des - 'Gregarious, that's it, gobby and posh.'
Cass - 'You better watch your step, and that's scouse for how do ya fancy becoming a unich.'

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