John Boulton Speaks...

Download Russell Boulter in 'Where the heart is' Aug 2003.

Download Russell Boulter narrating a programme called 'Hero Factor' on Discovery Channel.

A sound byte taken from Russ Boulter's appearance on A+E, a British hospital programme. It aired on 5.7.01. Russ played an Agency Nurse, who stole drugs to feed his habit.

Download New Recuit.

Deakin - 'Ok, for those of you who haven't heard Sunhill's got a new recuit, Detective Sargeant John Boulton. John take a bow.'

Download Name Trouble.

John - 'Mr David...Olowowoh?'
Man - 'Oalo'
John - 'Bet people have alot of alot trouble with that don't they? Actually, I've got a simular problem, my name is Detective Sargeant John Boulton. Where as most people think it's 'bolton'.'
Rod - 'Like..the town.'
John - 'But in fact there's a 'u' in it.'
Rod - 'Tricky that.'

Download Appeal

Meadows - 'Oh, hang on Claire, how do you fancy being on telly?'
Stanton - 'What? Oh no Guv, I hate that sort of thing, can't John do it?'
Meadows - 'Well it's an appeal so we want somebody appealing'
Boulton - 'Thanks Guv.'

Download Boulton on Football

Boulton - 'Why do they bother?'
Skase - 'You not a football fan then Sarge?'
Boulton - 'Pratts in shorts kicking a ball about in front of pratts with scarfs.'
Skase - 'Well that's West Ham for ya.'

Download Trip to Brum

Boulton - 'Well I wouldn't mind a trip to Brum.'

Download Days like these

Boulton - 'I love my job. And on days like this it just doesn't get any better.'

Download Deakin talking of Boulton

Deakin - 'I know what will happen, he will be there on the job and right at the vital moment he's gonna jump off and he'll go, "Sorry, I've gotta nick someone" (background laughter)'

Download You are desperate

Boulton - 'You are desperate.'

Download DS Boulton introducing himself.

Boulton - 'I'm DS Boulton from Sun Hill.'

Download I'm going to bed.

Boulton - 'I'm going to bed.'

Download Old woman Rod.

Boulton - 'Yeah, and you can be a bit of an old woman, can't you Rod?'

Download Open up.

Boulton - 'Come on open up, it's the Police.'

Download Really hard.

Boulton - 'Look I know this is really hard for you, but I'm only tryin to help.'

Download Safe.

Boulton - 'I'll make sure you're safe, sweetheart.'

Download Spotty.

Boulton - 'Or I'm gonna make your spotty little life a misery.'

Download Boulton on hair washing.

Boulton - 'He's decided to stay in and wash his hair.'

Download Boulton on a Semi Final.

Boulton - 'You put a man in hospital, the wrong man, because you wanted to help a poxy group of overgrown schoolkids, win a meaningless kick about in a public park?'
Man - 'It's a semi final.'
Boulton - 'You are sick.'

Download Are you sure?

Boulton - 'Well are you sure you're sure, cos you don't look to sure about anything to me.'

Download Boulton saying sorry

Boulton - 'Look Dave, what I'm trying to say to you, and I did try to say it at the time, but after you got stabbed I didn't think that there was anything I could say that would have made any difference, or you would have believed. But the fact is, I was and I am sorry.'

Download Boulton talking of Munroe

Boulton - 'Oh yeah, he always listens to me, I'm CID'

Download 'Gis a snog'

Boulton - 'Gis a snog xxx'

Download Marry me

Boulton - 'Erm, will you marry me?'
Claire - 'What?'
Boulton - 'I asked you to marry me.'
Claire - 'You're not joking are you?'
Boulton - 'No.'

Download Touchy Feely

Woman - 'You're not exactly Mr Softly Softly, are you?'
Boulton - 'It's just all this touchy feely stuff, it puts my teeth on edge.'

Download Phone a friend

Claire - 'Oh right, so when they say they have no idea..'
Boulton - 'I'll say they can go fifty fifty, ask the audience, or phone a friend.'

Download Call me John

Boulton - 'Call me John, there's no rank pulling here, Reg.'
Reg - 'Oh, thankyou, er, John.'

Download Go back to bed

Boulton - 'Go back to bed, it's not gonna happen'

Download If I tell you....

Don - 'Come on mate, where is she? A tenner says she still round your place cooking dinner.'
Claire - 'Careful John, before you know it, he'll be doing another Section 18 search.'
John - 'I could tell ya Don, but like they say, I would have to kill you.'

Download Ping Pong.

John - 'Er, scuse me. Is this a private game of ping pong, or can anyone join in? Cos this is just make believe.'

Download Give you a medal.

John - 'Well, I dunno if wether we should nick you or give you a medal.'

Download Pick a card.

John - 'Right, pick a card, any card.'

Download Twenty Seconds.

John - 'I've got about 20 seconds worth of civility left in me, get out the way.'

Download Catch Herpes.

Reg - 'Could you repeat please Sarge, didn't quite catch that.'
John - 'You couldn't catch herpes off a leper.'

Download No Smoke.

John - 'Cos ya know what they say, don't you? There's no smoke without fire.'

Download Bill Clinton.

Man - 'Bill Clinton, I think.'
John - 'Oh well, at least Dave's not the first one to be sucked dry by him.'
Man 2 - 'Yeah, shouldn't that be the other way round?'
Man - 'Yeah, because, actually, it was, erm...'
John - 'What?'
Man - 'It doesn't matter.'

Download Wages.

John - 'So basically what you're telling me is, that some little toe rag has had the ordasity to nick an entire months wages from a copper? Still, they're not gonna get very far on that, are they?'

Download Uniform.

John - 'I don't believe it!! You've let someone nick my uniform!'

Download Wages.

John - 'That's what it's all about isn't it? Being in control. It's a man thing.'

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