Gary Speaks...

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Tony - 'Have you met Gary Best?'
Gary - 'Alright,'
Nick - 'How you settling in, mate?'
Tony - 'Very good with a sponge and bucket.'
Cass - 'Ah, so you fell for the Area Car gag then?'
Gary - 'Very funny.'

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Gary - 'Luv you darlin', and don't ever forget it.'
Gilmore - 'Thankyou very much.'
Gary - 'What?'
Matt - 'Probably thinks you fancy him.'
Gary - 'Does he?'
Matt - 'Don't be silly, he's got taste!'

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Gary - 'She was well fit.'
Des - 'Yeah?'
Gary - 'She's a copper!'
Honey - 'I'm so sorry I'm late Sarge, you would not believe the morning I've had...'
Matt - 'I know, I've heard'
Honey - 'First of all my heel comes off my boot...'
Matt - 'All right, listen up everybody, this is our new PC Honey Harman.'
Honey - 'Evenin' all'
Des - 'Honey, what type of a name is that?'
Gary - 'Who cares what her name is? I'd give her a pint of Best!'

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Gary - 'Oi! That was mine!'
Suzie - 'Isn't now.'
Gary - 'I'm CID!'
Suzie - 'Snap!'

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