5-7th October 2001

Ok so it didn't look good, on the Thursday before the GPO rally this year the weather men (and women) were all predicting loads of the wet stuff falling from the sky all weekend.

Zena was on site from Thursday morning directing stuff to the right place and with the help of a fluid selection of club members (various people turned up during their Lunch breaks etc while others came, went to get the kids from school then came back again) started to get things ready.

Friday morning came without any rain and by early afternoon everything was up in the right place. The punters started turning up and by the evening the GPO rally was in full swing.

From the Clubs point of view the only problem was a faulty Generator, which, with the help of our Club electricians was nursed through the night.

The band on Friday night were Acid drops, who went down well, and for other entertainment we had a scavenger hunt which kept people running around for a while.

Saturday morning arrived and still no rain, the run out was cancelled due to lack of interest (partially due to the fact that the usual suspects went off to find a pub with a big telly to watch some silly football match ) but the Bike show attracted some good bikes and trikes.

Then, just as the Milton Keynes Rock School were turning up it started to rain. They performed an excellent set, with one of the band members being assessed by his music teacher as part of his 'A' level music exam (imagine that, going to a bike rally as part of an exam). The rain wetted the grass too much for the motorcycle mounted silly games so we improvised. A tandem, loaned to us by one of our Club members, proved a bit tricky to ride, and the computer throwing went down well. The rain never came back all afternoon.

Saturday night saw the band Rhythm + Business get things going after the eating and drinking competitions with the ever present Peartree Bridge Family rounding things off till the early hours. The usual Barrel tradition of volleyball in the marquee after the band had finished rounded things off nicely and a nude fire-walker at 3am (male unfortunately) rounded off the lunacy nicely.

Sunday morning brought nice weather again and it was only after the marquee's were down and most of the clearing up done that the heavens finally opened to remind us what the weather was supposed to have been like all weekend.

From the Club point of view it all went pretty well, we ended up with 3 generators on site to spread the load (and we got an apology and refund from the hire company for supplying us with a faulty one), The catering operation went very well and we kept everyone well fed, Tim behind the bar went away happy having sold loads of booze, and the Club made a good profit for all our hard work. Most 'lost' property was found and claimed (we do still have a Camera that was left in the catering tent though), and everyone we spoke to had a good time.

See you all next year!


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