The Barrel Bikers 20th GPO Rally

Ok, so what's a GPO Rally when it's at home? Good question. Well it's an event that the Barrel Bikers have held every year for the last 20 years. Ok, so what does the GPO stand for? Nope, it's nothing to do with the Post Office! It's rumoured to stand for Generally Pissed Off. Let me explain a rally. Friday morning it rains. Friday afternoon, still raining, everybody gets themselves and as little luggage as possible onto their motorbike, to make as much room as possible for slabs of beer. Then off they set in the pouring rain to a muddy field in the middle of nowhere. Once booked in at control, one gets ones tent set up, or nearly, having had to take it down again, cos you've put it up on top of the peg bag. Then one heads to the marquee. Sits down, starts drinking, maybe a little later one wanders over to the bonfire to dicuss the meaning of life. Once bored with serious discussion, one downs several more beers and one gets up heads back to the marquee and has a boogie to the band or Dj. Then at the end of the Friday night, or daylight on Saturday morning, one falls over and usually sleeps where one falls!

Saturday morning usually starts with a stagger to the Catering tent for a good cup of tea/coffee, and a full fry up. During the day, there is usually a run out ot a local pub, some silly games on site, and plenty of beer flowing. The evening is pretty much the same as the Friday night (but a bit louder, a bit wetter and certainly with a lot more beer flowing), also included, after the last band of the night, is a game of Volley Ball, (just imagine, a crowd of very drunk, damp, men and women jumping around after a nearly flat football, in a quagmire!!). And it's the Saturday night where quite a few people don't make it back to their tents. A slow wander of the rally field will show various bodies crashed out by the fire, the loo's, and the marquee.

Sunday morning is going home time. One wakes up, staggers to get the obligatory rally breakfast and cafine blast before attempting to pack up ones tent and loading up the bike, before setting off home. This is no easy task really, but usually is managed by all by midday. And then it's all over, until next time!!

Ok, so that's for the punters/visitors/rallyists. Not quite so for the club holding the rally. For the club members, it's generally a weekend of running around trying to sort out the worlds problems, making sure there's enough wood for the fire, enough food to feed the hungary hoards, enough straw to soak up the mud on the gate, everybody is where they should be at the right time, etc. This involves, not enough sleep, not enough beer, and certainly not enough dry clothing and boots!!

This year the dubious honour fell on myself to organise this event. And by all (or most) accounts, it went well, we even made a bit of a profit!

On the following pages you will find various pictures of this years event. As I find people with more pictures I will post them. So if you have any, please let me know!!