Alex Speaks...

Download Good evening to you too Sir.

Conway - 'You could have made an effort on your clothes front.'
Alex - 'Good evening to you too Sir.'
Conway - 'Don't they have dinner jackets where you come from?'
Alex - 'If you mean do I keep one in the office, on the off chance of being invited to a lodge meeting, then no, no I don't.'

Download Estate Agents.

Mickey - 'All the flats that are involved, have been sold in the last 6 months. Now who would have access to the keys or the alarm codes?'
Alex - 'Estate Agent.'
Mickey - 'Bullseye.'
Alex - 'If you nick an Estate Agent, Mickey, I'll put you in for a comendation.'

Download Open and Shut Case.

Alex - 'It sounds like an open and shut case. All we need to do now is find a weapon and a motive. Oh and, er, a witness, a suspect, and er, a victim.'

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