Maria's Surprise!
The date was 27th July 2003, destination Murrayfield, Edinburgh via Luton Airport.
Reason? To see the Greatest Star Alive


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Posh Car!
Limelite Ad

  1. The Limo taking up the whole of our courtyard, and my hubby's BMW outfit!
  2. Richard in his posh gear springing the surprise
  3. Well, what's to say?!
  4. Maria looking as if she totally BELONGS in a Limo
  5. Well, if you're gonna live the high life, you gotta do it with Bubbly, ain't you?
  6. Ready for the off!
  7. And there we was gone!
This page must seem very much like a massive advert for Limelite Limos. Well, it is in a way. Let me explain...I recently built a website for a friend of a friend through my bike club. I was pleased with the results, and so were Richard and Cass, the people from Limelite Limos. Since then, I've done a few other little bits and pieces for them, and in return, Richard helped me set up a fantastic surprise for my friend Maria.

Maria and I had bought, along with the masses, tickets to go and see Robbie Williams at Murrayfield in Edinburgh. So we planned our flights, our accomodation, and I told Maria I would sort transport to and from the airport. Call me nasty, but I had her thinking that my dad was going to take us to Luton squashed up in the back of his little purple Citreon Ax.

After a good chat with Richard (of Limelite Limos), we came up with the idea that Maria would still be kept in the dark, and on the day, he'll turn up suited and booted, and announce to Maria that 'Mr Williams has sent a car for you'!

And that's exactly what happened! Maria got the surprise of her life, and we both got to ride in style to Luton Airport. Richard, you're a star! Thanks Limelite!

Oh, and if you were wondering, Robbie was FANTASTIC!!